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Karl Heideck, A Litigator Well Versed In Compliance And Risk Management

wwgardens / April 11, 2017
Litigator Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck, A Litigator Well Versed In Compliance And Risk Management

When an unresolved legal dispute arises between two separate individuals or groups of individuals, they may resort to having the issue (s) dealt with utilizing the law through the court system. Litigation is the term used to describe the course of legal actions or proceedings between the two opposite sides in an attempt to enforce or defend their legal rights. Resolutions may be achieved via a legally binding oral or written settlement agreement between the parties, but may also be heard before and decided by a jury or judge in a court of law.

In practice for nearly a decade, Karl Heideck, Attorney at Law is a civil litigator specializing in the field of compliance and risk management review services at the general practice law offices of Pepper Hamilton, L.L.P. in the city of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. His experience most recently includes a current tenure as a contract attorney at Hire Counsel in Montgomery County. Hire Counsel is a centralized legal services provider of customized solutions that encompasses a wide range of temporary and permanent support personnel and services for corporate and government entities.

Karl Heideck is well-versed in the full-scope of complexities of the litigation process. I know that this is so true and some broken marriages have been helped a lot by his useful skill. He is aptly skilled in navigating the various stages of the legal process related to tort law. Whether it pertains to pre-filing actions such as a writ of demand or pre-trial steps such as investigating the validity of claims and allegations, he performs with great efficiency.

Karl Heideck attended the Temple University James E. Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he graduated with honors and received his Jurisprudence Doctorate of Law (J.D.) degree in 2009. Prior to Temple University, Karl Heideck attended Swarthmore College where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature.