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Junior Achievers, Future Stars: Sawyer Howitt

wwgardens / May 26, 2017

Sawyer Howitt attends Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon. He is a second semester Senior, will graduate in 2017, and will attend Columbia University in pursuit of a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance. He, presently, works with his father, David Howitt, at The Meriwether Group where his father is the founder. Currently, Sawyer holds the position of Project Manager and is the only High School employee out of a staff of twelve persons.

The following has been said about successful entrepreneurs:

“The most successful entrepreneurs are not motivated by money. It’s about the experience, the way of life, the chase, the identity, the rush. It’s a calling. It’s about scratching the itch that just won’t go away. It’s about knowing that this is the work you simply can’t not do.”

Sawyer Howitt is definitely an entrepreneur. He spends a great deal of his time at his father’s firm. He has business savy, and has been given the task of giving advice on structural changes to the business. Sawyer’s experiences are extensive and far reaching. He serves his community, mentors at-risk youths, and supports such causes as affirming women’s rights and educational funding. His background in athletics gave him the upper hand in business acceleration and his many administrative internships have given him the upper hand in learning the ropes in business management. Sawyer’s motivation and self-drive in business and finance has been the reason for his achievements over his peers. Also, He has a special talent for fostering and mentoring entrepreneurs at The Meriwether Group for their success. He received this directly from his father.

Sawyer Howitt is currently involved in The Meriwether Group as a Project Manager.

Sawyer Howitt has, also, been a part of RFID checkout as a Business Strategy Analyst and at KURE Juice Bar in Customer Service.

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