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Roberto Santiago and his Innovation in Brazilian Retail Industry with Manaira Shopping

wwgardens / July 6, 2017

Roberto Santiago, a Brazilian investor, started the retail revolution in the country by introducing the shopping mall culture, and now shaping it with adding more innovation to it. He is known for founding Manaira Shopping Mall in João Pessoa in 1989 when other developers were dreaming about it. It should be noted that the mall is the largest shopping center in Paraíba state of the country. Manaira Shopping is the prime attraction of the city for its residents as well as visitors considering the wide range of shopping, dining, and other services options available in the mall. Interestingly, it has gone through at least five major expansions from its inauguration, and currently, it serves an area of 135,000 square meter and hosts close to 20 million people per year.

Santiago implemented his vision of providing high-value shopping and entertainment options to the residents of João Pessoa. He has more than three decades of experience in Brazilian retail industry and has greater insights about the customer expectations and changing trends. Santiago devised his goal of a complete shopping and entertainment center for individuals and families with Manaira Shopping. For satisfying the film audience, the mall operates an 11 screen cinema hall run by Cinépolis with a number of features to enhance the movie watching experience. The Stadium System in seats ensures hassle-free watching of the films, and the VIP Cinema in three halls offers reclining and high-tech seats that provide the comfortable seating experience. Read more articles on Jornal Da Paraiba.

The mall also has other entertainment options including Game Station, Gold Strike, Strike Bar, and Pirlimpimpim. The Game Station is covering an area of 1800 square meter and offering more than 200 game machines. The section gets frequent additions as Santiago wants to make sure that everyone finds their game machines here. Gold Strike is offering a real fun time with bowling; it has six fully electronic tracks to test the visitors’ skill. Strike Bar is a bar with themes that can be an ideal location for meeting with friends or colleagues. It offers all types of cocktails, drinks, ice-cold beer, and more. Pirlimpimpim is a child playground inside Manaira Shopping that engages children with different types of games. The visitors can leave their children here and go for shopping, and 24 supervisors and two managers are there to monitor and engage the children.

The shopping mall also has the unit of Smart Fit – one of the largest fitness club chain in the country. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has many stores of fashion, fitness wear, jewelry, chocolate, coffee, candles, and beachwear. The food court is yet another attraction with major food brands including Burger King, A Cabana do Possidônio, Bob’s, Amore di latte, Bonaparte, Chinatown, Chopp da Brahma, Mc Donalds, Chopp da Brahma, and more. Manaira Shopping also houses a number of services to the customers. It includes education, bank, cell phone, barbershop, job, driver’s license, sewing, public defender, police register, and more. The shopping mall is a great example of architectural excellence and is a landmark of the city for almost every needs. Visit Mundo Do Marketing to read more.