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Anything Scientific; Oncotarget In It

wwgardens / July 9, 2017

In so far as traditional scientific journals are concerned Oncotarget has quite a stellar reputation. Its uniqueness lies in its being multi-disciplinary as well as free-access. That apart, they publish papers online on a weekly basis. Moreover, every paper or issue can be printed against a special request.

The raison d’etre behind Oncotarget’s publishing is the furthering of its core mission of reaching scientific results far and wide by making them readily available. It is the publishers’ belief that the impact or research is manifold if embellished with the meaningful review. The more stellar the discovery, the sooner the information needs to reach out. It is the publication’s belief that the different specialties of science need to be in synergy and not at cross purposes.

The myriad fields of bio medical science need to function as parts of a single whole. Oncotarget endeavors to encourage the application of basic as well as clinical science toward the combating of disease. The fact that leading scientists are at the helm of affairs in taking out this journal ensures that all the involved researchers further the cause of science. The most important objective behind the creation of this journal really is the total elimination of disease. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

In this regards, Oncotarget is known to focus attention on the pathological origin of every type of cancer as well as on finding potential therapy targets. It also weighs in on the treatment protocols put into place to better manage cancer patients with special emphasis on quality of life and adherence to the line of treatment. The journal also compares the results of old and new therapies in terms of achieving better outcomes.

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The journal has achieved outstanding standards of excellence under the stewardship of its editors in chief, Mikhail Blagosklonny, and Andrei V. Gudkov. The fact of the matter is that all manner of cancers need to be studied in depth for effective remedies to be found and there are top- rate researchers engaged in this all the time. By providing them with a well read and networked platform to share their findings Oncotarget is rendering great service to the cause of finding lasting and effective solutions for the most dreaded of diseases. Learn more at about Oncotarget.