Hussain Sajwani’s Prolific Real Estate Portfolio

Hussain Sajwani is an influential personality in the Middle East real estate industry and is easily reckoned as a pioneer in the Dubai property markets. According to his LinkedIn profile, Sajwani is the Founder and Chairman of DAMAC Properties, a large global property development company. The DAMAC owner began his career at GASCO, a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi National Oil as a Contract Manager before starting his own catering venture in 1982. He started his real estate venture in the mid 90’s by constructing hotels to accommodate the growing number of visitors and traders moving into the Emirates. With an increased appetite for chic real estate development, Sajwani saw it fit to establish DAMAC Properties in 2002. It only took a few years for the company to become a dominant force in the property development area. To date, the company has delivered more than 16,800 homes with a development portfolio of over 43,000 units. The projects undertaken by the company span the Middle East and Europe in cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, Riyadh and Amman.


Today, DAMAC Properties is a publicly listed company that boasts of having a strong workforce of over 2,000 employees. Being an astute businessman, Sajwani’s companies also trade in several global capital and equity markets. Sajwani is also a good friend of US President Donald Trump. According to an NBC News report, Trump and Sajwani collaborated to build the Trump International Golf Club, where luxury villas targeting high net worth persons sold for a cumulative $2 billion. The Hussain Sajwani family also has a close relationship with Trump’s children Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. Sajwani met the then candidate Trump during the opening ceremony of Trump’s Washington hotel. After his election as US President, Sajwani met Ivanka and the Trump family during the 2017 New Year’s Eve celebration at Trump’s Mar a lago home in Palm Beach Florida. The families have met several times in business conferences around the world. Hussein Sajwani graduated from the University of Washington. His skills set in the real estate development include marketing, finance, administration and sales.

Roberto Santiago and his Innovation in Brazilian Retail Industry with Manaira Shopping

Roberto Santiago, a Brazilian investor, started the retail revolution in the country by introducing the shopping mall culture, and now shaping it with adding more innovation to it. He is known for founding Manaira Shopping Mall in João Pessoa in 1989 when other developers were dreaming about it. It should be noted that the mall is the largest shopping center in Paraíba state of the country. Manaira Shopping is the prime attraction of the city for its residents as well as visitors considering the wide range of shopping, dining, and other services options available in the mall. Interestingly, it has gone through at least five major expansions from its inauguration, and currently, it serves an area of 135,000 square meter and hosts close to 20 million people per year.

Santiago implemented his vision of providing high-value shopping and entertainment options to the residents of João Pessoa. He has more than three decades of experience in Brazilian retail industry and has greater insights about the customer expectations and changing trends. Santiago devised his goal of a complete shopping and entertainment center for individuals and families with Manaira Shopping. For satisfying the film audience, the mall operates an 11 screen cinema hall run by Cinépolis with a number of features to enhance the movie watching experience. The Stadium System in seats ensures hassle-free watching of the films, and the VIP Cinema in three halls offers reclining and high-tech seats that provide the comfortable seating experience. Read more articles on Jornal Da Paraiba.

The mall also has other entertainment options including Game Station, Gold Strike, Strike Bar, and Pirlimpimpim. The Game Station is covering an area of 1800 square meter and offering more than 200 game machines. The section gets frequent additions as Santiago wants to make sure that everyone finds their game machines here. Gold Strike is offering a real fun time with bowling; it has six fully electronic tracks to test the visitors’ skill. Strike Bar is a bar with themes that can be an ideal location for meeting with friends or colleagues. It offers all types of cocktails, drinks, ice-cold beer, and more. Pirlimpimpim is a child playground inside Manaira Shopping that engages children with different types of games. The visitors can leave their children here and go for shopping, and 24 supervisors and two managers are there to monitor and engage the children.

The shopping mall also has the unit of Smart Fit – one of the largest fitness club chain in the country. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has many stores of fashion, fitness wear, jewelry, chocolate, coffee, candles, and beachwear. The food court is yet another attraction with major food brands including Burger King, A Cabana do Possidônio, Bob’s, Amore di latte, Bonaparte, Chinatown, Chopp da Brahma, Mc Donalds, Chopp da Brahma, and more. Manaira Shopping also houses a number of services to the customers. It includes education, bank, cell phone, barbershop, job, driver’s license, sewing, public defender, police register, and more. The shopping mall is a great example of architectural excellence and is a landmark of the city for almost every needs. Visit Mundo Do Marketing to read more.

Eric Lefkofsky: Technological Trailblazer and Steadfast Philanthropist

Eric Lefkofsky is a preeminent entrepreneur who is perhaps best known for founding the popular coupon site Groupon in 2008. His innovative thinking has lead him to other groundbreaking businesses such as Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Lightbank, and Tempus. Each venture has been proven to be the leader in the market using forward thinking ideas, and using cutting edge technology. While each of Eric Lefkofsky’s businesses have a unique purpose, his vision and drive prompts a call to action to his clients, competitors and the marketplace.

His recent venture is Tempus, a revolutionary cancer research business that is using genomic data research to find the best treatments for cancer patients. Tempus was founded in 2016, with Eric Lefkofsky leading the charge as co-founder and CEO. His leadership team includes highly skilled doctors, engineers and technicians. Of note is Ryan Fukushima, Chief Operating Officer and transplant from Lightbank where he served as Vice President. The company’s state of the art laboratory is used to sequence and analyze molecular data. This information is used by physicians to plot a course of action for successful tumor treatment and more information click here.

In what may seem to be an entirely unrelated business is Lightbank, founded by Eric Lefkofsky in 2010 with Brad Keywell. Lightbank is a venture capital company with a straightforward approach to helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals. By providing seed money and other forms of funding, Lightbank brings innovative products to market. Lightbank’s large portfolio includes Tempus and Uptake as well as truly unique services such as Reverb, Hexagram and Benchprep and learn more about Eric.

Eric Lefkofsky is not only driven by business, but also by philanthropy. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation was founded with his wife Liz in 2006. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation’s mission “is to advance high-impact programs, initiatives and research that enhance the quality of human life in the communities we serve”. They achieve this goal by giving financial support to schools, human rights groups, health foundations and the arts. The Lefkofsky’s bring a message of support and strive for the betterment of humanity and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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Tony Petrello CEO of Nabors Industries.

Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabor Industries Ltd., where he has remained CEO since 2011. Tony Petrello began his studies at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut where he received his degrees in mathematics, and law.

Anthony Petrello has been with Nabor Industries Ltd. for many years. He worked as the chief operating officer starting in 1991 before he became the CEO in 2011. Prior to working for Nabor Industries, Petrello worked as a managing partner for Baker & Mckenzie law firm based out of New York City. Petrello worked in the New York Offices from 1979 until 1991. In 2015 Petrello was compensated over $15,000,000 for his work at Nabor, he received over 10,000,000 in stock revenue from his company. Through his hard work, Tony, and his wife were able to generously donate both time, and money to the children’s of hospital of Texas, when their daughter was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia. As said by the Petrellos the reasoning behind helping is that they’re used to being able to fix things, set goals and achieve them. The Petrellos helped fund stem cell research in the Jan and Dan Duncan Center for neurological research.

Nabor Industries is an oil drilling company started in 1952 by Clair Nabors. Nabor Industries has been a leader in the oil refining business, working to develop more efficient as well as safer drilling methods has lead to a long standing business. Nabor Industries is the worlds leading oil drilling rig sfleet, Nabor is setting the tonestandard for drilling worldwide and Tony on Facebook.

Anthony Petrellos college roommate Lloyd Groves stated in his article on The Daily Beast that tony was a regular kid from a working class family. Groves also stated that Petrello was “operating as a genius at 18” by scribbling complex math equations on napkins. He also goes on to say how Tony was the first to laugh at his classmates “mealtime wit” while in college, and that he had a large sense of humor and learn more about Anthony.

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