Tony Petrello CEO of Nabors Industries.

Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabor Industries Ltd., where he has remained CEO since 2011. Tony Petrello began his studies at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut where he received his degrees in mathematics, and law.

Anthony Petrello has been with Nabor Industries Ltd. for many years. He worked as the chief operating officer starting in 1991 before he became the CEO in 2011. Prior to working for Nabor Industries, Petrello worked as a managing partner for Baker & Mckenzie law firm based out of New York City. Petrello worked in the New York Offices from 1979 until 1991. In 2015 Petrello was compensated over $15,000,000 for his work at Nabor, he received over 10,000,000 in stock revenue from his company. Through his hard work, Tony, and his wife were able to generously donate both time, and money to the children’s of hospital of Texas, when their daughter was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia. As said by the Petrellos the reasoning behind helping is that they’re used to being able to fix things, set goals and achieve them. The Petrellos helped fund stem cell research in the Jan and Dan Duncan Center for neurological research.

Nabor Industries is an oil drilling company started in 1952 by Clair Nabors. Nabor Industries has been a leader in the oil refining business, working to develop more efficient as well as safer drilling methods has lead to a long standing business. Nabor Industries is the worlds leading oil drilling rig sfleet, Nabor is setting the tonestandard for drilling worldwide and Tony on Facebook.

Anthony Petrellos college roommate Lloyd Groves stated in his article on The Daily Beast that tony was a regular kid from a working class family. Groves also stated that Petrello was “operating as a genius at 18” by scribbling complex math equations on napkins. He also goes on to say how Tony was the first to laugh at his classmates “mealtime wit” while in college, and that he had a large sense of humor and learn more about Anthony.

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Constructing Better Financial Plans With Richard Blair

Richard Blair is helping people improve upon their investment strategies. He has worked long and hard to create a company that investors can put their trust in. Blair is one of those investment planners that can help people establish goals that they may have thought were impossible to accomplish. He is a leader in the financial world that has helped clients sort out the things that can make their portfolios much stronger.


People that are trying to preserve their wealth will certainly look for what Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is doing to help clients. He has evolved in the business world as a strong leader that knows a lot about investing because he took the time to engage in acquiring certifications that would make his business better.


He has 20 years of solid experience with financial services, and his clients are thrilled to get advice about things that will help them get a greater return on investment. He oversees the personalized planning strategies that can help people make their financial situations at home smoother. Blair also lends a hand to the enterprise business owners that want to develop better business portfolios. His love of finances has allowed him to create a company where he has become effective in helping clients meet their financial goals.


Blair has a wealth of knowledge in so many different areas. He has been called upon many times throughout his lifetime to provide clients with advice. His investment portfolio advice is designed to give clients access to a much more diverse plan. That may be the thing that he has managed to do better than a lot of other investors in the Texas area. He has built a company where people have become incredibly comfortable with financial planning because he has given them a better blueprint for building their financial plans.


He has development many plans for a wide range of individuals. Richard Blair has been able to do this for two decades because he has earned a lot of trust. He has become the expert financial planner that is giving people something that they may not have ever known that they would acquire. He has helped people meet their goals, and he helped people explore areas of financial management that they did not know existed. Richard has a staff of consultants that can easily transform the way that people look at financial retirement planning.


John Goullet Covers the Needs of the IT Industry

The IT industry is one of the most competitive industries in the business world. Over the past several decades, the IT industry has become one of the most attractive industries for people looking for jobs. The number of available jobs in the IT industry has increased for numerous reasons. A top reason is that the IT industry has seen a lot of technology innovations over the past decade. The technology innovations have been great technology that has not only changed the technology market but has impacted society at large.

Technology innovations such as WiFi and the smartphone have introduced new ways of doing things and allowing new things to be done. Very few industries have the chance to impact society in the way that the IT industry has in recent years. A combination of several factors has all worked together to make the IT industry an industry where society goes for the next great innovation and more information click here.

With all that is happening in the IT industry, there has been a sharp increase in the number of jobs in the IT industry. As a result, many companies in the IT industry are handling the need to fill jobs in different ways. One of the ways is by using a staffing company like Diversant. A staffing company that devotes much of its resources to helping IT companies and IT professionals, Diversant has been able to create a unique identity in the staffing industry.

The primary executive at Diversant, who is John Goullet, has made it a priority to focus the efforts of Diversant on the IT industry. The technology know how of John Goullet is a reason why the executive wants Diversant to concentrate on the IT industry. John Goullet has a total understanding of how the IT industry works, and he has structured the operations of Diversant to carefully serve the IT industry.

Diversant serves both IT companies and IT people looking for IT industry jobs. John Goullet has shown that he is able to successfully handle himself in the technology industry with his successful CEO run at Info Technology. John Goullet has made Diversant a staffing firm that gets results for its clients and learn more about Goullet.

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Art Becker: Ex-Athlete Becomes Investor

Arthur Becker has had an amazing life. The ex-Athlete turned high-tech investor and real estate investor serves as the CEO of Zinio, LLC. Zinio, LLC is the globe’s largest newsstand. The company has a listing of over five-thousand five hundred publications. The publications are read very easily. The following is executed across mobile devices or the desktop.

Art Becker was CEO of NaviSite, Incorporated between February 2003 and 2010. NaviSite is a global provider of cloud based hosting and managed software applications. The company provides, its user, with a full suite of dependable services, inclusive of the Cloud Desk-top, Cloud Infra-structure, Hosting Services for Organizations and more. Customers, when making use of the services, receive delivery, by means of high-tech data processing centers.

Art Becker, co-founded Atlantic Investors, Limited Liability Corporation, in 2002.

Mr. Becker served as the President of NaviSite, Incorporated. He held this post from February 2003 to March 2010.

Art Becker, served as the Senior Advisor to the “Vera Wang Fashion Company”, too, for a seven year period. Also seen

Mr. Becker has invested in technology and real estate, after NaviSite was sold to the Time Warner Company, in 2011. Too: Art Becker served as the Vice-Chairman and Director of Clear Blue Technologies. The technology provides real time 24/7 remote control and monitoring of solar powered devices, among other specific type devices. While speaking to The Real Deal, Becker said that he had invested in the project and became the owner of the townhouses. However, he refused to disclose the amount of money that he invested in the project.

Art Becker has been privately investing—for five years. He has been the Managing Member of Madison Technologies, LLC, since 1999.

Mr. Becker currently is the Chairman of Zinio, LLC, and, as stated above, has been the Executive Director of NaviSite since September 11, 2002; until its sale date to Time Warner.

In conclusion, Art Becker, now spends a great deal of his time investing in prime real estate–which he appears quite proficient–in so doing.