The Opulent Career of George Soros

George Soros is a Hungarian-born business leader (1930), a full package being an affluent investor, hedge fund manager, philanthropist and an author. He survived the Nazi German occupied Hungary that led to over 500,000 people dead through false identity papers and concealing their background. He flew to London where he began working as a railway transporter and a nightclub waiter and supported himself through the London School of Economics. In 1956 he left for the United States and began working at the Merchant Bank, at Wall Street. This would be a stepping stone to a successful career and build his business empire as he used this to gain exposure, knowledge, and experience.

In 1970, George Soros launched his sole hedge fund and named it the Soros Fund Management, which grew rapidly in capital, clientele, and profits. Today the fund is ranked among the best, and he is recognized as a highly successful investor in the United States. The proceeds from the business were used to register and run the Open Society Foundation, a philanthropic move in 1979 for offering scholarships to black South Africans under apartheid and providing school fees to promising students who are either needy or marginalized. Afterward, he has been active in community work and charity event to help improve the lives of people. George Soros has funded the Cultural exchange of ideas between Eastern Europe and the West to bring harmony, while during the cold war he supported moves to bring accountability, transparency, and democracy in the United States, Africa, and Asia.

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Along with his philanthropic act, he has also supported other organizations such as the European Council on Foreign Relations, Institute for New Economic Thinking, International Crisis Group and Global Witness. George Soros is approximated to have given out over $12 billion from his entrepreneurial venture to support justice and equality, advocacy for government accountability and a free society.

He has also openly criticized the war on drug and came up with a movement “America’s Medical Marijuana Movement and has been vocal about the controversial issue of same-sex marriages. In addition, he has funded lawyers and paralegals attending court cases of people illegal or false fully held. The government has also been criticized for its practices a fact that has helped align thing and made him very popular. Clearly, he is a man of the people. Learn more about his profile at

About George Soros

He is the author of the book ‘Open Society and its Enemies’, an elaborate publication on democratic governance, freedom of expression, individual rights and marginalized groups. From 1980 to 1990 he was the force behind the successful transition from communism to capitalism.

Soros is considered one of the wealthiest people in the United Stated with a net worth of over $ 25.2 billion. His business continues to grow up to date. Read his profile at Forbes.

The Group That Wants To Restore The Political System

How can Americans trust in political elections if there is so much money involved from donors and third-party investors in campaigns from all sides? How can Americans participate in voting and making a difference if now, more than ever, political elections are all about interests and money transactions? It’s all very under the sheets, and this ball of snow has been rolling since Citizens United was approved by the Supreme Court of the U.S. in 2010.


There is a noticeable pattern now: From all candidates of an election, you can see big donors, millionaires and people with different interests that are giving money to support their candidacies and campaigns. Hillary’s campaign was like that, as well as Trump’s.


“End Citizens United – Democrats fighting for reform,” is a Political Action Committee (PAC) that aims to gather a group of fighters, donors, and unsatisfied communities to try to reverse this new political mess. They know that more and more, corporations and billionaires are getting involved in legislative decisions to seek to change the course of the nation’s future into their favor, directly affecting the greater good of the general population.


The program has already been able to gather $26 Million just through the support and back of more than a million contributors, members, and donors that are continuously investing in actions that the PAC is developing to fight back.


One of these measures was seen in the campaign of Jon Ossoff, a Democrat that was a political candidate in Georgia that was running for a seat in the Republican House of Atlanta. Because Ossoff is a sympathizer for the reform and revitalization of the political system, End Citizens United gathered their donors to fund and support his campaign. The results were shocking even for the PAC, as they were able to raise more than $4 million.


Even though they are using the broken system of Citizens United to promote the Democrat, that is the point: Through the power of their members and supporters, they are showing the world on how corrupt the American politics have become and how little impact the individual votes have if their campaigns have the support of millions of dollars behind them.


Ossoff is not the only pro-reform candidate they have attempted to elect. This is part of their primary goal: Put people of trust in the political system so that they can have individuals of power fighting for the reform. That way, they are also able to raise the issue for American citizens, something that not every adult in the country is aware.


The Citizens United decision was called “one of the most naive decisions ever rendered by the court,” by E. J. Dionne. The PAC aims to bring back the results of a long-fought war of people that cared for a transparent electoral system. They might be able to achieve, as the power lies in the people, and the number of supporters is growing larger every day.