Securus video visitation is reducing crime in prison across America

Traditionally, one of the most dangerous situations that any prison staff member faces is the in-person visitation. This is a time when many prisoners are gathered in one open room with dozens or even hundreds of people who are potentially willing to act as accomplices in carrying out criminal acts, such as passing contraband into the facility or even aiding in a prison break. In-person visitations can be a tense time that present major physical risks to staff, visitors and inmates alike. Even though it is a service that almost all prisons provide for their inmates and the family members of those who are incarcerated there, it has long been the Achilles heel of prison security. For this reason, many prison administrators have welcomed technologies that reduce the number of in-person visitations that the staff has to deal with.


One such technology has been the innovative video visitation system created by Securus Technologies. This allows family members and loved ones to visit with their incarcerated relatives for just $0.15 per minute. At these rates, most inmates are capable of staying in almost daily contact with their families, leading to much stronger relationships between family members during times of incarceration.


Such low rates encourage the prolific use of the video visitation system, in lieu of in-person visitation. This is not only a major benefit for the institution itself, but it also relieves families of the incarcerated of a huge financial burden. Most families who have loved ones locked up in prison are the ones who can least afford the exorbitant cost of taking long road trips to visit their loved ones in faraway cities. Video visitation allows them to not only get to visit with their loved ones face to face for tiny fractions of what real world visitation would cost, they allow families to stay in almost constant touch with their incarcerated loved ones.


Why Securus Technologies Maintains Lead in Correctional Facilities Communications

Before September 2004, there were two leading companies in the correctional facilities industry: Evercom and T-Netix. The end of their existence was, in every way, fortunate. It gave birth to Securus Technologies, one of the biggest companies providing technological solutions to the civil and criminal justice industry in the United States. The company rose to the top of the corrections market when in June 2007, it acquired Syscon Justice Systems, a global brand whose services in Offender Management Systems were unrivaled.


Connecting Inmates and Loved Ones


With headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies has established regional offices in several areas, including Atlanta, Georgia , and Allen and Carrolton in Texas. The company serves over 1, 000, 000 incarcerated people in about 2,600 correctional facilities located in 45 states in the U.S. Additionally, it serves Canada, the District of Columbia and Mexico. Apart from providing inmate communication services which ensures that the inmates and their families are in constant touch even when they are miles apart, Securus Technologies is the undisputed leader in government information management solutions as well as parolee tracking.


Heavy Investment in Technology


I wouldn’t give much thought to a communications services provider that hasn’t done anything in technological investment. One of the main reasons for Securus Technologies’ efficiency and security in its communication services is the amount of money it has channeled to its technology. In July 2016, the company announced that over $600 million had gone into technologies, acquisitions, and patents in just 3 years. One of the latest technologies introduced by the company is a system aimed at controlling illegal mobile phones. Known as Managed Access Solutions, the system was accepted by over 5 corrections facilities by 2016. The company, together with Harris Corporation, came up with a technology named Cell Defender in July 2016 and in 2017 introduced the Wireless Containment Solution created with aim of keeping illegal cell phones away from mobile network connection.


In Gratitude for Superb Service


Securus Technologies has received thousands of emails and letters expressing gratitude for helping security officers solve cases, correction facilities personnel keep track of the on-goings in the incarceration centers, and keeping inmates in touch with loved ones. I went through some of the letters and emails and found one in which an officer whose correctional facility has relied on the company’s technology solutions for more than ten years gives a thumbs-up to Securus Technologies for its dedication in revolutionizing the environment in incarceration centers and continuously helping the people in charge improve the safety of the public. Another officer thanks the company for helping the sheriff’s department recover millions of dollars worth of drugs money as well as illegal assets through the LBS and Investigator Pro software it offers.




Whenever in need of inmate communications services, I would have no reason for going for any other company other than Securus Technologies. Nobody would. The millions of its customers who include inmates, their loved ones as well as correctional facilities and investigators cannot be wrong in making it top-choice for so many years.