John Goullet Covers the Needs of the IT Industry

The IT industry is one of the most competitive industries in the business world. Over the past several decades, the IT industry has become one of the most attractive industries for people looking for jobs. The number of available jobs in the IT industry has increased for numerous reasons. A top reason is that the IT industry has seen a lot of technology innovations over the past decade. The technology innovations have been great technology that has not only changed the technology market but has impacted society at large.

Technology innovations such as WiFi and the smartphone have introduced new ways of doing things and allowing new things to be done. Very few industries have the chance to impact society in the way that the IT industry has in recent years. A combination of several factors has all worked together to make the IT industry an industry where society goes for the next great innovation and more information click here.

With all that is happening in the IT industry, there has been a sharp increase in the number of jobs in the IT industry. As a result, many companies in the IT industry are handling the need to fill jobs in different ways. One of the ways is by using a staffing company like Diversant. A staffing company that devotes much of its resources to helping IT companies and IT professionals, Diversant has been able to create a unique identity in the staffing industry.

The primary executive at Diversant, who is John Goullet, has made it a priority to focus the efforts of Diversant on the IT industry. The technology know how of John Goullet is a reason why the executive wants Diversant to concentrate on the IT industry. John Goullet has a total understanding of how the IT industry works, and he has structured the operations of Diversant to carefully serve the IT industry.

Diversant serves both IT companies and IT people looking for IT industry jobs. John Goullet has shown that he is able to successfully handle himself in the technology industry with his successful CEO run at Info Technology. John Goullet has made Diversant a staffing firm that gets results for its clients and learn more about Goullet.

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The Group That Wants To Restore The Political System

How can Americans trust in political elections if there is so much money involved from donors and third-party investors in campaigns from all sides? How can Americans participate in voting and making a difference if now, more than ever, political elections are all about interests and money transactions? It’s all very under the sheets, and this ball of snow has been rolling since Citizens United was approved by the Supreme Court of the U.S. in 2010.


There is a noticeable pattern now: From all candidates of an election, you can see big donors, millionaires and people with different interests that are giving money to support their candidacies and campaigns. Hillary’s campaign was like that, as well as Trump’s.


“End Citizens United – Democrats fighting for reform,” is a Political Action Committee (PAC) that aims to gather a group of fighters, donors, and unsatisfied communities to try to reverse this new political mess. They know that more and more, corporations and billionaires are getting involved in legislative decisions to seek to change the course of the nation’s future into their favor, directly affecting the greater good of the general population.


The program has already been able to gather $26 Million just through the support and back of more than a million contributors, members, and donors that are continuously investing in actions that the PAC is developing to fight back.


One of these measures was seen in the campaign of Jon Ossoff, a Democrat that was a political candidate in Georgia that was running for a seat in the Republican House of Atlanta. Because Ossoff is a sympathizer for the reform and revitalization of the political system, End Citizens United gathered their donors to fund and support his campaign. The results were shocking even for the PAC, as they were able to raise more than $4 million.


Even though they are using the broken system of Citizens United to promote the Democrat, that is the point: Through the power of their members and supporters, they are showing the world on how corrupt the American politics have become and how little impact the individual votes have if their campaigns have the support of millions of dollars behind them.


Ossoff is not the only pro-reform candidate they have attempted to elect. This is part of their primary goal: Put people of trust in the political system so that they can have individuals of power fighting for the reform. That way, they are also able to raise the issue for American citizens, something that not every adult in the country is aware.


The Citizens United decision was called “one of the most naive decisions ever rendered by the court,” by E. J. Dionne. The PAC aims to bring back the results of a long-fought war of people that cared for a transparent electoral system. They might be able to achieve, as the power lies in the people, and the number of supporters is growing larger every day.

Hussain Sajwani: The Real Estate Mogul

Hussain Sajwani is an extremely successful real estate moguls in the Middle East. Based on the strides he has made in his short time as a real estate mogul, he can be expected to become one of the most successful moguls in the world.

Sajwani started his career with the creation of a food service and catering company in the early 1990s. This company soon became very reputable and well known in the region. Contracts were created between Sajwani’s company and other companies like Bechtel and the United States Military. In fact, Sajwani was even recognized for his excellent job in taking care of the troops during Operation Desert Storm.

Starting in 2002, Sajwani started DAMAC Properties when he saw that the real estate industry was starting to expand. DAMAC properties started by catering to businesses and individuals in Dubai. The company quickly expanded throughout the Middle East and started developing and constructing with residential, commercial, and leisure properties. To-date, the company has built over 16,000 residential homes and 44,000 apartment and condo units.

Hussain Sajwani also showed his business acumen when he realized the market was about to fall out from under the housing market. He quickly made changes in his businesses to preserve cash and cut costs. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani:

Now, Vijay Sajwani has changed his business to operate and the principles that escrow accounts will not borrow from each other, cash will be preserved at high enough levels to complete construction even if the market takes a downturn, and little or no debt will ever be held on land. With these principles, DAMAC Properties was able to ride out the recessionary period that characterized the second decade of the twenty-first century.

DAMAC has also become successful through several collaborations with other companies, celebrities, and politicians. The Hussain Sajwani family is very good friends with the Trump family. In fact, Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani even collaborated and went into business together to build the luxury Trump International Golf Club. After Trump leaves Office, it is likely they will do business together again.

Even though he is a huge mogul, the DAMAC owner is also very involved in charity. Over the past several decades, Sajwani has donated millions and started a clothing campaign with the Emirates Red Crescent.

This organization was founded in 1983 to help feed and cloth people throughout the Middle East. As well as being a titan of industry, Hussain Sajwani is a philanthropist as well.

The Lung Institute – Creating Hope For Those With Lung Disease

The Lung Institute is a treatment center revolving around new technologies provided to enhance therapeutic solutions related to lung diseases. The Lung Institute is an innovative leader of regenerative medicine and solely dedicates their efforts to improve lung conditions through their enhanced treatments. The Lung Institute was initially founded with the motive to improve the quality of life for those who suffer from chronic lung disease. According to, patients that have been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary fibrosis, or interstitial lung disease find certain challenges in everyday tasks making it harder to breathe which decreases their quality of life. The Lung Institute is dedicated to helping those patients who suffer live a longer, healthier life through their newest treatments.

The Lung Institute understands fully that each patient may suffer from different signs and symptoms of their diagnosis. They provide different treatments that are focused on each individual to insure that they are receiving the proper treatment that is viable for their condition. They offer many different treatments found to be effective to those suffering from a chronic lung disease. Stem cell treatment is one of the most innovative and effective treatments they offer for each patient. The physicians at The Lung Institute take careful and precise samples of blood or bone marrow from the patient. The stem cells are then separated from the other cells within the sample. After the cells are separated, they are returned to the patient within the bloodstream. Those that are looking for an alternative aside from the stem cell transplant can choose to undergo a venous stem cell treatment. This procedure is less invasive in comparison to the bone marrow collection process. Both procedures are outpatient procedures and can be completed over a course of two days. All treatments performed at The Lung Institute utilize cells ( derived from the patient’s body, otherwise known as autologous stem cells.

The Lung Institute provides immense dedication and constant resources that allow each patient a chance of hope for their future. They are continually working on technological advances, increasing quality of life for those who suffer from lung diseases and helping patient’s understand their best options.

Subscribe to the Lung Institute’s YouTube channel to learn more about stem cell treatment.

U.S. Money Reserve Releases New Website

U.S. Money Reserve has just announced that it has released a new website. This site is an upgrade over their previous one and therefore provides investors with more information to look at. With the vast amount of new features on the new site, U.S. Money Reserve now has a way of making their online presence more user friendly.


This will allow investors to more easily access information about precious metals and how to buy them. The release of this new site has enabled U.S. Money Reserve to distinguish itself as the leader in providing information about all precious metal items such as gold bars, silver bunion and coins.

Along with revealing itself to be a leader in precious metals, U.S. Money Reserve is also in position to provide investors with many opportunities to learn more about as well as purchase precious metals to add to their portfolio. The release of the new site is now likely to provide a more reliable online source for investors to take advantage of the many benefits of investing in precious metals.

With the release of the new website, U.S. Money Reserve has provided new applications which make it easier to purchase precious metals. One of the things that makes it easier to purchase precious metals is the security of the site. With improved security, investors are now in position to acquire these assets without having to worry about getting their identity or credit card information stolen.

As well as providing more security, the new site provides more detailed information about precious metals so that investors can be better informed about what they are actually getting. These aspects of the website have now made it more efficient for investors to learn about and purchase a number of precious metals.

According to PR News Wire, the new website from U.S. Money Reserve has the widest selection of precious metals available. As a result, investors can choose from a variety of items to purchase. They will have access to acquiring things such as gold bars which are among the most valuable assets you can possibly have.

Along with gold bars, investors will be able to purchase silver coins which often have considerable value as well. You can purchase gold and silver bunion on a regular basis which provides you with even more assets to get.

With the wide selection of precious metals available, investors will be in great position to add to their investment portfolio thanks to the website of U.S. Money Reserve.

Karl Heideck, A Litigator Well Versed In Compliance And Risk Management

Litigator Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck, A Litigator Well Versed In Compliance And Risk Management

When an unresolved legal dispute arises between two separate individuals or groups of individuals, they may resort to having the issue (s) dealt with utilizing the law through the court system. Litigation is the term used to describe the course of legal actions or proceedings between the two opposite sides in an attempt to enforce or defend their legal rights. Resolutions may be achieved via a legally binding oral or written settlement agreement between the parties, but may also be heard before and decided by a jury or judge in a court of law.

In practice for nearly a decade, Karl Heideck, Attorney at Law is a civil litigator specializing in the field of compliance and risk management review services at the general practice law offices of Pepper Hamilton, L.L.P. in the city of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. His experience most recently includes a current tenure as a contract attorney at Hire Counsel in Montgomery County. Hire Counsel is a centralized legal services provider of customized solutions that encompasses a wide range of temporary and permanent support personnel and services for corporate and government entities.

Karl Heideck is well-versed in the full-scope of complexities of the litigation process. I know that this is so true and some broken marriages have been helped a lot by his useful skill. He is aptly skilled in navigating the various stages of the legal process related to tort law. Whether it pertains to pre-filing actions such as a writ of demand or pre-trial steps such as investigating the validity of claims and allegations, he performs with great efficiency.

Karl Heideck attended the Temple University James E. Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he graduated with honors and received his Jurisprudence Doctorate of Law (J.D.) degree in 2009. Prior to Temple University, Karl Heideck attended Swarthmore College where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature.

Thor Halvorssen is the Voice of the Oppressed

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights advocate and the founder of The Human Rights Foundation. Thor’s career in human rights activism started with his family as a young man. His mother was killed during a peaceful protest in Venezuela. She was shot by Hugo Chavez’s men because she was opposing his rule over the government. His father was captured and tortured when he exposed corruption within the government of Venezuela.

Thor Halvorssen was able to negotiate the release of his father but he still has a housing that is being held as a political prisoner. Even his ancestors were human rights activists and freedom fighters. Thor spends a great deal of time and effort trying to fight for the right of those that are oppressed by dictators and corrupt government leaders and more information click here.

Thor is responsible for organizing the Oslo Freedom Festival that is held annually in Norway. People from all over the world come to listen to presentations and to discuss ways in which they can make a difference in the human rights movement. Thor is also a filmmaker and has created films such as Freedom’s Fury which was produced by Quentin Tarantino. He is also a popular contributor to various national media outlets. He is sought for his personal opinion on current events that are affecting the world today. Resume him, He is often featured as a guest on many news programs such as MSNBC and Fox. Thor works tirelessly to spread the word about advocating human rights and has gathered a team of like-minded individuals to assist him in working to help others in need.

Squaw Valley After a Bad Start Has a Record Snow Accumulation

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are having an excellent Spring skiing season. Lift tickets are available for a day on the often sunny slopes for those who can afford the $100+ price for a day on the slippery slopes. Squaw Valley deserves a good season considering what happened last October. While resort employees were awaiting an early snowstorm, they instead received a rainfall of biblical proportions. The runoff from the rain picked up contaminants in the soil on its way to the bottom of a freshly created water supply that was designed to supply an upper mountain ski and recreation area. The affected resort guests were dutifully notified, and bottled water was provided by the resort.

Squaw Valley has been monitoring the situation and working with the Placer County Department of Health until an all clear can be given to the areas affected by this contamination. Read the full report in the Sierra Sun.

Spring skiing at Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows offers warmer air and snow conditions that are great fun for recreational skiers. The condition of the snow is often called “corn”; it is granular snow that has gone through cycles of freezing and thawing. While not as wonderful as powder, it is fun to ski, and it is far from the dreaded “boilerplate” that even advanced skiers hate.

It is hard for people in the South of the United States of America to realize that skiing is still going on in the western mountains. Watch the weather forecast and pack your bags and ski equipment and join the fun being had in Squaw Valley.



Art Becker: Ex-Athlete Becomes Investor

Arthur Becker has had an amazing life. The ex-Athlete turned high-tech investor and real estate investor serves as the CEO of Zinio, LLC. Zinio, LLC is the globe’s largest newsstand. The company has a listing of over five-thousand five hundred publications. The publications are read very easily. The following is executed across mobile devices or the desktop.

Art Becker was CEO of NaviSite, Incorporated between February 2003 and 2010. NaviSite is a global provider of cloud based hosting and managed software applications. The company provides, its user, with a full suite of dependable services, inclusive of the Cloud Desk-top, Cloud Infra-structure, Hosting Services for Organizations and more. Customers, when making use of the services, receive delivery, by means of high-tech data processing centers.

Art Becker, co-founded Atlantic Investors, Limited Liability Corporation, in 2002.

Mr. Becker served as the President of NaviSite, Incorporated. He held this post from February 2003 to March 2010.

Art Becker, served as the Senior Advisor to the “Vera Wang Fashion Company”, too, for a seven year period. Also seen

Mr. Becker has invested in technology and real estate, after NaviSite was sold to the Time Warner Company, in 2011. Too: Art Becker served as the Vice-Chairman and Director of Clear Blue Technologies. The technology provides real time 24/7 remote control and monitoring of solar powered devices, among other specific type devices. While speaking to The Real Deal, Becker said that he had invested in the project and became the owner of the townhouses. However, he refused to disclose the amount of money that he invested in the project.

Art Becker has been privately investing—for five years. He has been the Managing Member of Madison Technologies, LLC, since 1999.

Mr. Becker currently is the Chairman of Zinio, LLC, and, as stated above, has been the Executive Director of NaviSite since September 11, 2002; until its sale date to Time Warner.

In conclusion, Art Becker, now spends a great deal of his time investing in prime real estate–which he appears quite proficient–in so doing.


Savvy Shoppers Choose Fabletics For Their Workout Apparel

If you are looking for workout clothes that are made of quality material, that are stylish and affordable, look no further than Fabletics. Fabletics started their company in 2013, with the help of Kate Hudson, when the founders saw that there was a hole in the apparel industry. There were several expensive brands that offered workout apparel, but most people can not afford their clothes regularly. There were bargain brands, but often, those clothes will fall apart or fade after just a few workouts. Fabletics bridged the gap between the expensive and affordable brands, bringing the best of both worlds into one company. Fabletics offers its customers quality workout apparel that is stylish but is offered at a price that is easy on your pocketbook.


Fabletics started their company with a subscription based business model. Their customers pay a monthly fee and receive a two to three piece outfit delivered to their door. This model has proven very successful, becoming a multi-million dollar company and taking on the giants like Amazon in the apparel industry. To continue to grow their business, Fabletics is now opening brick and mortar stores. They are using reverse showroom to bring success to both their stores and their online business. When customers try clothing on in the store, the items also go into their online shopping cart, making it easier for them to purchase at any time. Their stores also offer in-person customer service to their members and allow them to see the clothing in person before they purchase. The stores allow Fabletics to get to know the communities they are in and what the current trends are, so they can offer the latest and greatest to their customers. Many companies are losing sales to online businesses, where they are able to sell items for cheaper. Fabletics is simply using their stores to complement their online business and give their members what they need and want.


When a customer signs up with Fabletics, they are given an outfit at a discounted price. They take a quiz to help determine their preferences and workout style. This helps tailor the site to the types of outfit they will enjoy and saves them time shopping around for the right outfit. Each month, personalized outfit choices will be emailed to members for them to pick from, or they can choose their own. Once they choose an outfit, it will be sent to them for their low monthly fee. They also have the option to choose items a la carte at a discounted price.


The main reason that members keep coming back month after month is that Fabletics allows their members to feel like smart and savvy shoppers while looking stylish and feeling comfortable. The quality of their clothes can easily be compared to that of the expensive brands. Their compression and shape hold up to many times through the washing machine, as well as maintaining their color. You will look stylish after many, many workouts without your bank account taking a big hit.