How the US Health Group Transformed the Insurance Industry in Health

Getting proper health insurance is an emotive issue for many. In the just concluded elections, it was such a huge issue that it was the final deal breaker for most of the voters. The people who have experienced the mayhem of having to sell personal property or filing for bankruptcy as a result ballooning medical bills and lack of cover completely understand the value of health cover. The US health group has been leading in the provision of quality insurance and some of the factors they believe have led to their success include having great leadership at the top.

The company has its headquarters in Dallas. They have been operational for the past five years. The services they offer their clients include cover for sicknesses, accidents, workplace injuries and even compensation for missed work hours as a result of workplace injuries. They have premiums and products that cover both blue and white collar workers all over the country and they believe that with time, their influence will get even better.

Most of the customers that have asked for the services of insurance company have very positive reviews for them. The things that they love about the company include the variety of products that they own, the level of professionalism that is shown by the company when carrying out their activities and their customer support. The better business bureau has also looked into the operations of the company and given them certification for the quality of their services. To get this certification, the company is assessed in terms of the services that they offer, the level of customer satisfaction and how well they relate with their partners and other stakeholders.

There are still many other measures that the company is implementing to make their service delivery better. They hope that by implementing these services, they will make the quality of their end products even better and they will gain more membership. The company is hoping to get branches all over the country. With the leadership that they have at the top, the US Health Group will definitely have an easy time rendering their services to their clients.

Bruce Levenson, Formely Of The Atlanta Hawks, Is Sueing The Insurance Company

Today, Bruce Levenson is a pretty big name in business, especially after having owned the Atlanta Hawks and successfully leading the AHBE. Bruce Levenson’s leadership saw the winning of quite a few games for the Hawks, and that success brought new ventures for the ABHE.

Atlanta Hawks Baseball and Entertainment, or AHBE, has been in the news for a while now due to the conflict going on between them and the New Hampshire Insurance Company, which relates back to when the group was still the owners of the Atlanta Hawks.

Bruce Levenson is the director for the Atlanta Hawks Baseball and Entertainment organization, and was the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, which according to ESPN is currently owned by Tony Ressler today. Bruce has stated that the lawsuit in question does not pertain to the current owners, and Tony has also confirmed they have not been included in any of the claims or issues. Reports say that Bruce and his team have filed a motion to the superior court, due to the insurance company AIG’s failure to adhere to their own policies.

Tony Ressler is the standing owner for the Atlanta Hawks today, acquired the company from Bruce Levenson for a clean $850 million, which he did with a team of partners to chip in as well. This was a Time of luck for Tony, since he had been in the market to purchase a team before and it hadn’t gone through. Tony and the new group that owns the Atlanta hawks know about the standing case between AHBE and the New Hampshire Insurance Company and they have stated that they will not be getting involved with the issue in any way.

Quincy Shootings Resolved by Local Authorities

On October 5, 2015; an unidentified person was shot at the New Brunswick Apartments which are located within the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. This city has a low crime rate but on this night 4 shots rang out in the night time hours around 9:30 p.m.


The victim was apparently struck by at least one of the bullets. That victim had to be rushed to the hospital as police arrived onto the scene. This victim ended going to the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital where they were treated for a minor gunshot wound.


Police stated that the New Brunswick Apartments was becoming a crime hotspot within the city before this incident occurred. Law enforcement officials are now searching for a man wearing a dark hoodie. He had fled the scene before their arrival. Police went back to the complex the following day to retrieve bullet casings.


Another incident took place in New Brunswick. This time it happened in 2013. A pizza delivery man was robbed by 3 armed assailants. These assailants called the pizza driver to a residence. When he arrived one of them said that they did not order the pizza.


As the pizza man was about to leave, the assailants snuck up behind him and placed a gun to his head. They then took his money and the pizza that was in the vehicle. The suspects fled the scene.


About four months into this investigation, the police figured out that one of the suspects involved within the case was already sitting behind bars for other armed robbery charges.


His is name is Parysh Wood and he was identified through cell phone records as being a suspect linked to this case. Police are now trying to get arrests for the other suspects that were involved within this case.

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Marcio Alaor Contributions to The Brazilian Economy


Marcio Alaor is the vice president of one of the most reputable banks in Brazil. Looking at his career life now, one might envy all the glamor that comes with being at such an executive position at BMG bank. But this is typical of humans- to envy you even when they do not understand what you have had to go through to get to where you are now. If Alaor told you that he used to be a shoe shiner, you probably wouldn’t believe.



Alaor, struggling to sustain himself, found himself shining shoes for the elite in the society. Many would condescend on him, but it is actually through his shoe shinning job that he got an opportunity work at BMG. At one point during his shoe shining job, he happened to serve Dr. Wilmar one of the bank’s executives at the time. Dr. Wilmar would interact with him whenever he came to sought Alaor’s services. He was genuinely interested in everything that this very brilliant chap had to say. Seeing that he had potential that needed to be tapped in the financial world, he offered him a job at the bank. In the beginning, Alaor worked at the entry level.



  1. Wilmar specifically saw to it that he received training to help him understand his roles and the banking industry better. Alaor paid back by working so hard that he was promoted within a very short time. Showing so much passion for his job, he got favored among the executives and graduated the ranks to become the vice president of the bank.


His success story is truly an inspiration to those who feel that they are at the bottom and that is just the end game for them. He shows that it is possible to grow from nothing to become one of the most respectable professionals within their industry. As long as there is determination to succeed and that one is willing to continually improve themselves.



Alaor’s life is not only a lesson for any career man, it is an inspiration for the local folks. He has gained a lot of respect for using his rank to give back to his hometown. Santo Antonio boasts of having groomed him. And when they were rated as the leading milk producers, they didn’t forget to recognize Alaor’s effort in all their success.



Alaor makes it possible for more people to access loans and invest to empower themselves economically. He continues to innovate products that will further help clients achieve financial stability. For this reason, he can be said to be a contributer to the growth of the Brazilian economy.